Sunday, January 27, 2013

Inside out

Outside is the world, inside am I. My own world, everyone has their own world, their own purposes, their own thoughts and secrets they keep to themselves, that is what makes every single person unique.Dreams in your personal little world, who doesnt have dreams? Dazzling away in your own daydreaming moments, moments that are broken when real life bursts in. People may laugh at there own dreams and hopes, because that is all they think it is, a moment to laugh about, something that won't come true. That is just a lie, people tell themselves, if you believe in your dreams, they may aswell, actually come true, you just have to take them more seriously. Believe that 'that' little personal world you live in, might actually become the real life you dream of living in.

Copyright Mialay. Photography by Layla. Wearing Adolfo Dominguez trousers, Mango Blouse, Ecletic Top sailors. Inspired by CasaCampo.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Broken parts on every road

           Photographed by Layla Brizzio. Copyright. Mialay.

So here I am, and that could perfectly represent it all, some cracks, some falls, some mistakes, but what makes it so beautiful is that after every single step, you grow and you become. You become yourself, little by little, you get to know the world better, and little by little you get to blossom. But flowers don't blossom every single day of the year, there are times where they are at there point of utterly preciousness, and at other times they won't be. Like life, like flowers.
It can be a straight line that goes on forever, or a straight line with pauses. Pauses, little moments of silence and peace, moments of laughter and of thinking, moments of sadness and frustration. What would life be without pauses? One straight feeling of nothing, one only one long long moment of nothing. Although lots of times we don't appreciate, or even better said hate all those moments and cracks and falls and mistakes, in the end, its what makes us us and what makes me me.

                                           Copyright Mialay.