Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring sunshine

In The Netherlands the first Vogue has come out. And in The netherlands the first Spring sunshine has also come out. Whenever the sun shine's in this tiny country. The landscapes becomes ridiculously beautiful, not only the landscapes in nature, but the human landscapes as well. People become more spontaneous, open and joyful. In spring the flowers, trees and bushes bloom, and again, people bloom. They 'open up', let the fresh spring air come in, new idealisms and brand new inspirations. Excitement. Eager. Freedom.  'These' new inspirations come across in all physical but also inner ways. Fashion, is a physical way, people 'spontaneously' express 'that' positive energy on 'their outside'. Yup, all this writing seems really spiritual, but I guess trying to explain a feeling becomes kind of challenging.

Passion for Fashion. All Photos are MINE. nº 1: me. nº2: first dutch Vogue. nº3: me under a Magnolia tree in blossom.

Monday, April 2, 2012


The way you feel can change so many things. The surrounding I am in now, make me feel happy and sure of who 'I' really am. The city Amsterdam is an inspiration at all times. Waking up early by the light, 'not' the sunshine, unfortunately. But the smell of fresh bread when walking besides the canals, is what makes it 'just' all good!

.The Fashionista inside me, come alive in Amsterdam. All fotos taken by me, and drawings made by me. :)