About me

I am the creator of Mialay, and I am Dutch Fashion blogger living in Amsterdam for about a year know, I am originally half Dutch half Brazilian, but grew up in Madrid, capital of Spain. I am therefore a culture freak and reveal this throughout my style in various ways. I love writing as well, short stories about life. I am living in Amsterdam know, fulfilling my studies as a future fashion designer. 

I am passionate about the fashion industry and everything it is involved in, I came to understand about fashion, when I was very young, but really decided to chose this career, throughout photography.
Capturing moments, movement, nature but mostly human races and features, I would love to grab my sister or a friend and play around with cloths, make-up and actually whatever I could find around, and create these random fashion shots. With only 12 years or so I was dreaming of having my own few pages in VOGUE magazine, but I knew for sure I wanted to be the one creating the 'whole picture', and the design part really captured my attention.

I write this blog very personally and write about my own interests and lifestyle, some shots of outfits, dedicating time to styling and creating and being myself, finding myself. I think as a person, everyone develops with time, and it is beautiful if your able to record this process of knowledge growing and the way we apply this knowledge to our daily lives.