Sunday, March 18, 2012

A touch of Jamaica

By Mondo Guerra.

I was Watching Project Runway, and Was really inspired by this dress, how a dress so simple, could become so astonishingly amazing, especially as it is designed in very simple colors, this design was actually based on Jamaica's Flag and culture. 

Mondo Guerra is an amazing designer I look up to as a person and artist.

'The difference between style and fashion is quality'
 -Giorgio Armani-

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So true!

A funny approach to friendship. Just one other reason to be cheerful.

We're friends, you laugh, I laugh, you cry I cry, you Jump of a bridge, I get on a boat and safe your retarded ass.

It is hard to find a friend who is, 95% talented, 96% funny, 98% loving, 99% Intelligent and a 100% sweet, so don't dare lose me!

Friends never let you do stupid things.....alone.

We are Best friends, always remember that when you fall, ill pick you up, after I finish laughing.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shoes and Dessert

OH shoes, I don't know what it is, but 'The Shoes' just make it 'all good', in my opinion it's the most important detail to what your wearing, although your wearing sneakers, 'those' sneakers must be that perfect detail to the 'art' piece you created for that day.

The heals above remind me of those 'perfect' summer weddings, where the colors are so bright, its almost unrealistic, where evrybody has ridiculous big smiles on their faces and all the grannies with tears of happiness in their eyes. I enjoy weddings incredibly, everything about it; the ceremony, dinner, dessert, the joyful dancing between groom and bride, and 'those' eye glances between best-men and bridesmaids.

Its an other fact in life where we can outline love, happiness, and staying faithful to yourself and how you decide to live your life.

But going back to dessert.

Show me the world that's inside your head.

These are two images that caught my eye. Ok, lets say the cake will probably catch anyones eye, the perfection and fresh appearance of that cake is just stunning. Wait! Im gonna make an important announcement here, 'The white cake present on the photograph above, will be my wedding cake'. To have a wedding, I will have to meet someone first, but whatever, I have the cake anyways.
The photography on the left, is not a cake as you can see. I think that image shows a very clear vision of natural beauty, and I am keen of natural beauty, the perfect messy hair, and breathtaking skin tone.

Already a little closer to Mia.
Photography found at Weheartit.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The start of .Mia.

Questioning the several ways I could start the very first page of my story, not specifically my story but the ways I envision the colors of life. The thing is, I am myself not even sure the way I do and how I do this. Enough talking about what and how things work.

When looking above and seeing these two photographs,  side by side, I again feel that urge to scream out loud, Wuaaauuuuu! Just amazing, they may not be pictures with amazing effects and surroundings, but I can immediately imagine the surroundings myself. 'That' movement and strength that the model has given to the clothes and accessories give that 'extra' 'uuu' to the 'wuaau'. I get inspired by photographs that make me think and think and think, it may be in a positive way or in a very dark and 'not' good way. but whatever makes me think in my region of creativity is what makes it 'aaaall' good.

Ps. Written from my bed, a saturday sunny morning.


Sparkle Inside


Photography by me, having fun with some friends, Alex and Elfva.