Sunday, September 30, 2012

The best way of living

Bringing joy to yourself.

I think that living is only worthy if you enjoy it, making the best of every day. Deciding your own path of life, better said, pathss.
No matter what age, how many paths you have followed, or how many phases u have been through, u can still decide life for yourself. Wanna be happy, start with smiling at yourself in the mirror. Worship absolutely everything you see, and try to find something worthwhile in everything you do, may it be a step to the top or a huge mistake.
Let me say it for you; ' You are amazing every single moment of the day.' Hope that made at least a small feeling of laughter in your stomach.
'The stomach' one of the most important parts of the body for me, not only because i am a food lover, but because its the most sensible part of the body, its where we accumulate all those feelings, that may be out of excitement, happiness, laughter, or out of anger, fear or sadness, or it may even me the unknown feeling of not knowing what your feeling. Having no explanation.

Remembering some of those good summer times, some of those good feelings, where I simply enjoyed life. Jumping around my room, thinking about absolutely nothing, no worries no plans, just singing, screaming, dancing, being young, being me.