Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hidden Gardens in Amsterdam

Walking through Amsterdam streets with the sun shining is the best thing that can ever happen to you,  It makes everything so much more beautiful. These last summer mornings and afternoons are really appreciated in this country, and with good weather, the dutch are happy; terraces open, boats passing by, smell of barbecue in every corner, and tourists everywhere.  You see short dresses and high waisted shorts on every single youngster, showing off long legs and some tan too. Its september and we have to enjoy, enjoy these last summer days for short dresses and tanned legs too.

Sauce* Dubai Dress
Brazilian Sandals Buzios

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sweet and Black

Another visit at Dubai Mall, Cinnabon rolls, Macarrons, and Dior. I had a glance at Dior at dubai mall, situated next to Chanel and some more, and It gave me cravings for Macarrons, something I could possibly, daily afford. Not like a Dior or a Chanel, which I crave for even more. Its nice when you have a skirt with a contrast, a little black, a little white, a little of style. I find this look very classy, and enjoy wearing it myself, very much. You know when you wear something new? that feeling? of feeling good with your self? Well, I have this with this skirt since I bought it.
I am starting to like black more and more, it can be casual and elegant at the same time, comfortable and accentuates the body in a very slim and nice way. I wasn't allways as positive about black, cause it reminded me of negativity. But Im starting to change my mind, black is to stylish, even when its not winter. Black and Macorrons is a nice combination, it reminds me of Dior.

H&M open back tank long sleeve top (black)
BEBE skirt
Sascha Heals
Michael kors Handbag