Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Arab fountains of glamour

In love with this country of beautiful people, beautiful culture and beautiful clothes. Each moment you capture has this calm sense of style and light, and above that the food is just incredible, you can find all types of arabic food around Dubai. Dubai Mall, is absolutely astonishing, not only because of its size and amount of amusing shops and restaurants, but because of the people, and especially clothes and the big brands, whom's shops are so beautifully styled and given ambient. 

Totem Dress
Mango Snake pumps
Michael Kors Handbag

Friday, August 16, 2013

Camels and handbags

So here I am in Dubai, this amazing country, near camels and sand, and amazing shopping malls, I will post more about Dubai, here is just a little start to what I have seen. This country where the the heat is the main theme of speech, and the woman or so gorgeously beautiful, here are some pictures of my journey, still a lot to be seen.

H&M top
Ibiza Blouse
Redley Pants
Massimo Dutti Shoes
Adolfo Dominguez Handbag


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bikini and sunset

This is my first bikini post, running around the beach when the sun goes down. The smell of Hawaiian Tropic, and my Hawaianas full of sand. Laying on humid towels while sea water dries of our skins. Smiles and sweet looks at each other while enjoying time, time that passes by so quickly, you don´t even realize. And sunset is the best, its the calm energy that you feel when the sun goes down and the sky goes from blue to red. Bikini shoots are cool, love the vibe, love the light, love the photographer.

Pull and bear Bikini
Stadivarius Long Jacket

Written and published by Mialay. Photography. Joel López De La Fuente and Mialay. Styling Mialay.


Monday, August 12, 2013

London at see

It is so special to find a London at see, It's called Gibraltar and its just over the boarder of Cadiz. The streets still have a Spanish vibe and the people speak english with the spanish style. Restaurants have menus with fish and chips, but you definitely have a weather that doesn't quite fit.
The views are spectacular and the monkeys 'not', they jump on your car, or inside if you have bad luck.
Here I am in a beautiful park, with very nice paths and a great photographer.


Zara white Blouse
Oysho Denim shorts
Massimo Dutti High heal Sandals

Credits to the Photographer; Joel López, Written by Mialay.