Sunday, April 21, 2013

Before even knowing

At times I wonder, why be scared of something unknown? Something that hasn't even happened. Although having good expectations, still some bad thoughts, something deep in there, something we try to hide, pops up in our minds. We never want these thoughts, because bad thought are not welcome in our heads, we tell ourselves
And we try to protect ourselves from these negative waves, we try to protect ourselves from getting hurt, from falling down, from having to start all over again.
But thats where you are wrong. You don't have to start all over again its just a next chapter, a next chapter with an open ending. All events, periods and moment in life lead us to the next one, a better one. We may not always be aware of this, but life tries to takes us to a better place, you just have to believe it, and stand open for new things.
You will probably fall first, it may be once or twice or even forty-five times, but you have to stand up again, always. Because after those forty-five falls down, you will get forty-five steps up.
The bare ground is rough and plane, but the ground is the ground, you cant reach beyond the ground, so if you fall, you fall dozens of times on the ground, the very same ground every time, the one below your feet, but when it come to stepping up, stairs for example, those steps are different every time, every-time its one step higher to reaching goals. 
'So forty five steps high is much higher then forty-five falls on the ground.'

by Mialay

Photography Mialay, Model Mialay,Wearing Sfera Yellow-Top, Vans black leggings, and H&M Pumps. 



  1. What sage advice. Two steps forward one step back - failure is a state of mind, because you have to be TRYING to have the opportunity to fail :-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  2. Amazing pictures… loving the sweater!
    Kisses from Miami,