Saturday, March 10, 2012

The start of .Mia.

Questioning the several ways I could start the very first page of my story, not specifically my story but the ways I envision the colors of life. The thing is, I am myself not even sure the way I do and how I do this. Enough talking about what and how things work.

When looking above and seeing these two photographs,  side by side, I again feel that urge to scream out loud, Wuaaauuuuu! Just amazing, they may not be pictures with amazing effects and surroundings, but I can immediately imagine the surroundings myself. 'That' movement and strength that the model has given to the clothes and accessories give that 'extra' 'uuu' to the 'wuaau'. I get inspired by photographs that make me think and think and think, it may be in a positive way or in a very dark and 'not' good way. but whatever makes me think in my region of creativity is what makes it 'aaaall' good.

Ps. Written from my bed, a saturday sunny morning.


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