Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Burberry cake

Just be yourself! Wear what you want to wear! Wear what you feel comfortable in, but don't forget to just style it up in your own way, with some cute jewelry, some color or with  some eye catching shoes!

You know when you are very very hungry and you just accidentally walk by a bakery store, and exactly at that moment they are bringing out that ready to serve cake, with wiped cream and fresh burberrys on top? Thats the moment when your mouth just opens out of amazement. You just feel it melting on your tongue, you imagine the very very marvelous taste and textures, and it just may have been the best cake you ever tasted with your smell. Well that exact feeling I get with shoes, I walk by a store I see some marvelous shoes, and they just pop up on my feet, and feel perfect on my feet only with looking at them. I couldn't have walked away you know? We all know what its like, that type of excitement, that excitement that craves you to get something you catch with your sight. I mean I said shoes, but it could have been with a purse as well.

Vans T-shirt
Oysho shorts
Vintage Jacket
H&M Pumps
Hermes Backpack