Friday, June 7, 2013

Stand strong

Stand strong, stand straight, stand proud, stand for yourself. It is important to know yourself, before you present yourself to the world. It may be through out clothes, manner of speech, nail polish, shoes, face expressions, the way you walk, the way you greet, the lipstick your wearing, the way you say thank you, what and why you share, your story, your life, you. It is not the most important thing, but it is important to stand straight and believe that, you are really you. Those clothes must be you, that lipstick must be you, that story must be you, those shoes, or nail polish, and the way you greet and talk must be a hundred percent you

H&M shirt
H&M shorts
ZARA Purse
Vintage shoes

Photography, Auto-photography by Mialay.


  1. these shorts are marvellous! also your hair is beautiful, something to be proud of! X